Turgut TORUN, the founder of our company, graduated from Samsun On Dokuz May─▒s High School in 1974 and came to Istanbul for his university education. In order to earn a living, he started his business life as a clerk at today's Tanr─▒verdi Holding.

 Turgut TORUN won the Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Civil Engineering in 1976. While running his school and business life together, established his first textile production company on women's outerwear in 1985.

 In 1993,Bringing innovation to Turkey with the slogan 'Put A Sm─▒le On Your CouchÔÇÖs SurFACE!' and begins Sofa Cover production. Upon the high demand of this product, he decided to industrialize in home textiles and bring machines (quilting, quilt, pillow filling) from Italy. This is an introduction to high capacity home textiles production for the company.

 In the early 2000s, he decided to expand abroad and set up a base in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and started marketing our products to Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

 In the following years, our company expanded its market network by creating new markets in the Balkans (Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo) and selling products to these countries. In 2005, our company moved its production facility to a larger place in Beylikd├╝z├╝ Organized Industrial Zone and took another step towards becoming an integrated facility by adding fiber and wadding (carding and filling) facility to production. Later on, when packaging supply became a problem, our company decided making production in this branch as well and the packaging of our products was also included in the production.

 As of 2012, the Company expanded its product range, which attaches importance to comfort and elegance. With the increase in product range and enrichment of the content, we continued with the Jereed brand name, which expresses our company's orientations better.

 Bey Home Textile opens to Russia and Asia market through Laleli market. In 2013, in order to provide better service to these markets, our company opened its wholesale store in Laleli. By entrusting to the Emirhan, Yi─čit and Berke TORUN brothers, who are well trained in manufacturing from a child, Turgut TORUN enables the new generation to enter the business life.

 In spite of the sectoral shrinkage in Europe as of 2017, the export activities in Arabia and its environs and African sides were considered more appropriate for the company's objectives. At the beginning of 2018, while the production capacity was increased with new machines, In order to expand the domestic marketing network, the prestigious Brillant brand, which is highly preferred by the society, has taken the franchising in the field of our company and the production has been started under the brand name BrillantSleep.

 Since its establishment, our company has worked with many companies that are admired and preferred by the society. Bey Home Textile produces high quality products with a considerable capacity including 750 quilts, 3000 pillows, mattress pad-mattress group and by-products in the bedroom and serves to home textile wholesalers, store chains, hotels and hospitals.

 TORUN brothers take over business with the slogan 'Service, Innovation and Quality', is to increase our company's share in exports, create more employment and take part in new markets...

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