Is your bed too low or sagging in the middle? LetÔÇÖs fix it with a cheaper way rather than replacing your bed. Do you want to protect the surface of your bed? Consider it done!

 The top layer is solid and natural 100% 234 TC cotton fabric,which increases comfort and absorbs moisture easily. Merino wool is a natural heater embraces you with warmth. Deluxe Wool Matress Pad completely surrounds your bed with elastic bands in corners and raises your bed with its thick layer. It adds elegance to your bed with a double-line bias cord.

You may choose from 5 different sizes which suits your bed.

Sleep in peacewith Deluxe Wool Mattress Pad.

Product Size : 100 x 200 cm (Single Size)
      120 x 200 cm (Single Size)
      160 x 200 cm (Double Size)
      180 x 200 cm (Double Size)
      200 x 200 cm (King Size)
Fabric : 100% Cotton 234 TC Percale
Filling : 600 gr / m2ÔÇ»Carded Merino Wool